I am a North Carolina artist.  I started painting when my last child went off to college.  I had always wanted to learn so I jumped into it full steam ahead.  I traveled all over the United States for workshops and met some very talented and sharing artists.  I also studied one on one for many years with several talented instructors.  Now, after years of learning, I am teaching workshops of my own in my home studio.

My studio is my sanctuary and is an environment filled with creativity and lots and lots of tubes of paint and brushes.  I enjoy using oils, acrylics, pastels, gouache and casein.  I literally haven't met a tube of paint I didn't like!

I thank you for dropping by my website and hope you enjoy my work.  I am often asked about commissions so I have included a place here for you to start a discussion.  I am happy doing portraits of a favorite pet, paintings of homes or places, and even paintings of special events.